Websites – Should you care?

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Why should I even care about my online business presence?

When the average person thinks about the Internet, they tend to envision someone sitting in front of a computer “surfing the Web”.  While this could be true, the reality is that in addition to Internet browsing being done on computers, as of April 2015 over 64% of Americans own a smart phone.  This number is up a staggering 35% from the spring of 2011.  So what does this mean for marketing and advertising efforts?  Because so many consumers have Internet access on their phones, businesses now have the ability to reach out and touch these individuals directly.

So how are consumers using the Internet?  When it comes to search, 97% of consumers are using the Web to search for local services.  This leads us to the actual point of this blog post; businesses need to have a Website.  I know that I probably sound like a broken record and some people might be tired of hearing it, but it is true.  A great Website will help potential customers find your business.  When it comes to digital marketing, a well-designed Website is the foundation of every successful marketing strategy.

Here are some keys to a great Website:

  • Contact information should be easy to find.
  • Use consistent terminology in the copy throughout your Website.
  • Put your core content (products, services, etc.) front and center.
  • Make sure that your navigation menu is easy to use.
  • A responsive design that adapts to mobile and tablet viewing experiences is a must have.
  • Make sure your Website is properly optimized for SEO (SEO efforts should be maintained).


Note:  The statistics used in this post were found in research performed and documented by Google and the Pew Research Center.


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