Facebook a Pioneer in Social Media

A cellphone and wooden scrabble letters spelling

Facebook is always on the cutting edge of social media. It shouldn’t surprise you that they are constantly innovating new ways to bring people together and making Facebook a pioneer in social media. Recently, they revamped business pages to help sell products in a more user friendly and innovative way.

If you own a business page you may notice this new function in the next couple of weeks, if not already.  Facebook has given business owners the opportunity to tag products in pictures that appear in their shop. What this means is, when writing a wall post or even an ad, you can tag any of the products you sell that appear in the picture.  


What is the shop function?

If you sell a product online, you can now add a shop to your page. You can list products that you sell and your customers can shop directly from your Facebook page.  

This allows you, the seller, to tag products on your wall and ads. When a customer likes what you have tagged, they can click on the tag and go directly to that product for purchase.


Facebook at Work

Another new feature Facebook is rolling out in the UK is Facebook at Work. This new feature is for businesses large and small to utilize Facebook to stay connected with each other. Facebook at Work will allow employers to set up their company in the social media platform and will be able to assign tasks, roll call, schedule meetings, and you can stay connected from any smartphone or tablet.
Facebook at Work is still in testing. They are planning to launch the full feature in the UK on October 10th. Until then, you can visit Facebook At Work and begin to set up your business and learn more about this new feature.