Marketing Management

If it doesn’t make sense for your business to hire a full time marketing manager, consider hiring 1st Team to manage specific marketing and advertising functions within your organization.

Marketing Research

Research examines anything that can affect the sale of our client’s products & services: the economy, competition, industry, government regulations, changes in technology, & most importantly the opinions of current & potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

So maybe you have a Facebook page, and maybe you don’t.  Either way, 1st Team can create, enhance and manage your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Slideshare, YouTube, and Vimeo.  We create content on your behalf, you approve it, and then we post it online and track analytics to measure effectiveness. We also help grow your following.


Brand Management

What do people think of when they hear or see your company’s name? We help clients build a positive & consistent image that creates strong recall among consumers.

Graphic Design

At 1st Team, we have our own certified graphic designers in-house. 1st Team received an award for the “Best Agency Publication” in the state of Pennsylvania in 2009.

Web Site Design

1st Team has extensive experience developing web sites for both design & functionality. 1st Team designs, develops & maintains web sites in-house.

Landing Pages / Micro Site Design

1st Team creates strategic marketing Websites that perform great in organic search and help improve the SEO of your Website.  Contact us and ask about some of the many micro sites we have developed for clients.

Video Production

Television Commercials

Yes, 1st Team produced high definition television commercial for clients in-house. From concept to creation, we handle all of the steps in the process. We own all of our audio and video equipment, including multiple 1080p HD pro cameras, dollies, and jibs.  We’ll give you a professional look that will clearly separate you from your competition.

Web Videos

1st Team has produced hundreds of high definition Web videos for clients. There is no limit to what you can do with video on the Internet. We deliver great products and great prices. Contact us for more information.

Capabilities Videos

Capabilities videos can showcase your overall business to potential customers.  There is no better way to show people what your company can do and has done.


Online Advertising

1st Team manages online advertising campaigns for clients on platforms like Google Adwords, Facebooks Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.  These platforms allow us to buy advertising on a cost-per-click basis.  We can set your ads to target potential clients based on their geographic region, gender, age, education level, interests, and much more.

Campaign Management / Media Buying

When it comes time to putting advertising campaigns into action, 1st Team will craft effective messages & then handle all the details of your campaign – print & digital production, media selection, and placement.

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