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Layout Changes for Facebook Businesses

Technology is always changing and for Facebook, they have to constantly change their layout too. You may have noticed in the past week that Facebook has changed the look of business pages. This new layout offers better user navigation...

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Benefits of Hiring an Advertising Agency

People often think of advertising agencies as managing large, expensive ad campaigns for big companies or brands. In reality, most advertising agencies make their money by running small ad campaigns and placing advertising in local or online media. Advertising...

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Websites – Should you care?

Why should I even care about my online business presence? When the average person thinks about the Internet, they tend to envision someone sitting in front of a computer “surfing the Web”.  While this could be true, the reality...

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Digital Media: The FUTURE or the NOW?

By Ryan Gindlesperger, Managing Partner, 1st Team Advertising As businesses and major brands alike roll through 2015, marketers within these organizations continue to put a greater emphasis on digital media.  In an article by AdWeek in January of 2015,...

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Advertising in a Digital Age

by Ryan Gindlesperger The world we live in today revolves around the Internet and mobile communications. The days of television, newspaper, and broadcast radio solely dominating the market are long gone and for good reason. Mobile communications via...

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