1st Team Makes Donation to RTPD for License Plate Reader

Check presenation to Richland Township
Check presenation to Richland Township
Left to right, Kayla Mishler and Ryan Gindlesperger of 1st Team Advertising, Chief Michael Burgan and Brian Beppler of Richland Township.

Today 1st Team Advertising donated $2,500 to the Richland Township Police Department. The donation will go towards the purchase of license plate readers (LPRs) which will be mounted on patrol cars throughout the township. This technology will allow the department to track vehicles coming in and out of Richland Township and aid officers in identifying expired registrations, stolen vehicles, and much more.

1st Team Advertising designed and developed a new Website for Richland Township during the fourth quarter of 2021. Part of the proceeds that 1st Team Advertising received from that project were used for the donation to the police department.

“Richland Township is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Our goal in developing the Website for Richland Township was to showcase that. This donation to the will hopefully play a small role in keeping our community safe,” said Ryan Gindlesperger, managing partner at 1st Team.

Additional donations can be made by contacting Richland Township.