1st Team Joins Lift Johnstown


1st Team Joins the Effort to “LIFT JOHNSTOWN”

An important part of our corporate culture is the idea that being part of the communities we serve means more than simply doing business there.  Such is the case here in Johnstown, PA where 1st Team began and where our corporate headquarters are located.

For that reason, 1st Team has become an active participant in the LIFT JOHNSTOWN initiative.  LIFT JOHNSTOWN is not a formal, structured organization.  It’s a group that supports and helps to coordinate the efforts of clubs and organizations that are each focused on improving a particular aspect of the area’s quality of life.  On their website, the group describes itself this way:
“The primary goal of Lift Johnstown is simple but ambitious: we want to
unite the community in an effort to choose our community’s future,
as opposed to simply waiting around to see what might happen.”

LIFT JOHNSTOWN stakeholders work together to raise project funding, recruit volunteers and increase people’s awareness of the many good things that are happening around them.

“Making People Aware” is a task that our Marketing and Creative Services divisions are uniquely qualified to do.  1st Team is working on a series of videos, social media and an overall communications plan to support the efforts of LIFT JOHNSTOWN.  This group is making a positive impact on the community and 1st Team is proud to be part of it.   www.johnstownchamber.com/LiftJohnstown